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IT Security Basics at Indiana University



Full course description

About the Course

Recognize Wolfrid's tricks... and learn how to outsmart him.

Wolfrid (a wolf in sheep's clothing) is always trying his online scams on the unsuspecting.

In this short course, you'll learn how to outsmart Wolfrid (and other scammers) with simple and effective IT security skills, habits, and tools.  

This course includes an opportunity to earn an achievement certificate by passing the course's Final Exam. Details included in the course. Enroll to get started!


Meet the Instructor

This course is created and maintained by IT Training, a department of University Information Technology Services of Indiana University (IU). IT Training provides educational opportunities around technologies and software made available by IU. In an effort to expand the reach of IT Training's award-winning, high-quality content, this online course has been available to members of the IU community—and beyond. We hope you enjoy this learning experience.


Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you should know why and how to:
  • Create strong, secure passwords and passphrases
  • Keep your passwords and passphrases secure
  • Use two-factor authentication
  • Avoid phishing email scams
  • Guard your personal information online
  • Use a secure operating system with security software - and run updates
  • Sign out, lock, shut down, and store securely
  • Inspect links and web pages carefully
  • Use safe data practices for specific circumstances
  • Get help if compromised

Special Notes

This course is intended for wide audiences. The practices explained in this course are applicable across industries and audiences. However, at times, specific resources and details in the course might apply only for Indiana University faculty, staff, and students. If you would like help with how to customize this course for your needs, please contact UITS IT Training at


Length: 30 minutes


UITS IT Training


Credit: Certificate


Audience: Public

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