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Excel: Analyzing Data With PivotTables is a Course

Excel: Analyzing Data With PivotTables


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This course will guide you through creating, formatting, and modifying pivot tables, performing various summary techniques when displaying data, and creating pivot charts. You will also learn more advanced techniques such as grouping items in pivot tables, creating calculated fields, and using the slicer tools.

Length: 2-4 hours total

Learning Objectives
  • Create, modify, and format pivot tables
  • Use summary functions and customized calculations
  • Group numbers and dates
  • Create filters and slicers
  • Search a pivot table field list
  • Link and update pivot tables
  • Create pivot charts
Prerequisite Skills
  • Navigate an Excel spreadsheet
  • Create basic formulas
  • Sort and filter data
  • Work with tables
  • Manage named ranges

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