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IT Community Partnerships

Ended Dec 31, 2020

Full course description

Traditionally, IT Pro Orientation involved holding events in Bloomington, three times annually, through which UITS service providers would present information covering their areas to an onsite and streamed audience.  While these sessions were recorded, information was static, and representative of services at the time of the orientation.  Reviewing recorded presentations for specific content areas required moving through hours of presentation footage resulting in time that the IT Pros could not spare from their work day.

The New and Improved IT Pro orientation has been revised to include two, informational components:

  • Online orientation Information accessible through Expand
  • Onsite interaction between IT Pros and UITS Service providers

The new IT Pro Orientation hinges on Canvas Expand modules covering each of the service areas traditionally covered in the former, onsite orientation.  In this way, we are able to provide information on core services and support to the broadest audience at any time.  New IT staff are able to readily access the IT Pro Orientation information as soon as they have access to Expand; engage with the materials; and receive acknowledgement of their efforts upon completion.  In this way, we have taken the information presented in Bloomington three times a year, and made it continuously available to staff everywhere within the IU community.  As new information around key services evolve, we will update the Expand site so that information remains as relevant as possible to the work IT Pros do.

In each module, you have the option to watch the short video(s) or read the transcript that covers the material.  While reviewing this material, you are encouraged to write down two or three questions per video.  You will have the opportunity to network and ask the UITS service owners the questions at the interactive orientation on July 19.  If you are unable to attend the on-site portion of orientation, please email your questions to  At the end of each module, you will take a short one-question quiz to confirm your participation.  At that time, the next module will become available to you.