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Structuring for Success

4 credits

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Full course description

Course Overview

This course will explain the evidence-based methodology of Structured Teaching. Emphasis will be on practical examples for both classroom settings and home teaching. Examples will be shared applicable to a variety of ages and ability levels from students who are non-verbal to those who are following a general education curriculum. Material was developed into sections to better facilitate learning. The sections under this course are structured to be viewed sequentially.

Material was developed into sections to better facilitate learning. The sections under each course are structured to be viewed sequentially.

  • Structure Section 1: Setting Up the Environment (85 minutes)
  • Structure Section 2: Daily Visual Schedules (53 minutes)
  • Structure Section 3: To Do Lists (54 minutes)
  • Structure Section 4: Structuring Tasks and Materials (61 minutes)


By completing this course participants will:

  1. Understand how and why Structured Teaching strategies are going to benefit you and the individuals you support.
  2. . Learn how to set up all the specific elements of structure.
  3. Leave with strategies and a plan that you can individualize for any learner/s or situation.

Meet the Presenter

Catherine Davies, M.Ed., M.Sc.

Catherine is an Educational Consultant & TEACCH® Certified Advanced Consultant at the Indiana Resource Center for Autism at Indiana University. Catherine was a Clinical Psychologist in the UK specializing in developmental disabilities. She has over 30 years of experience working with children and adults with developmental disabilities and was a special education teacher and school psychologist. Catherine obtained her Master’s in Education and subsequently another in Psychology from the University of Wales, going on to complete her professional training in Clinical Psychology with the British Psychological Society in 1998. Since relocating to the U.S., Catherine has worked as a Psychoeducational Therapist with the TEACCH® Autism Program in North Carolina supporting people with autism spectrum disorders. She was also the Clinical Director of a college program for adults with Asperger Syndrome and had a private practice as an Autism and Structured TEACCH®ing Consultant.

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Length:  4 hours


Indiana Resource Center for Autism, Indiana Institute on Disability and Community


Credit: Certificate of Attendance (4 hours)


Audience:  This course is designed for the General Education Teachers, Speech Language Pathologists, School Psychologists, Behavior Consultants, Autism Consultants, Special Education Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Administrators, Classroom Assistants/Paraprofessionals, and Family Members.

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