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Resource Ownership Basics is a Course

Resource Ownership Basics

May 18, 2020 - Dec 13, 2025


Full course description

Course Introduction

Resource Ownership is a customized employment, job creation technique. By owning machinery, equipment, tools, or other types of capital, individuals with disabilities can produce products or offer services of value to other businesses or to consumers, leading to employment or the creation of a business-within-a-business strategy.

Module Topics Include

In this short module, you will:

  • learn what resource ownership is,
  • learn about funding options,
  • learn the process to assist a job seeker interested in resource ownership, and
  • work through the elements of Resource Ownership to create a customized job outcome for an individual.

Meet the Creators

The instruction is provided by Indiana University's Institute on Disability and Community's Center on Community Living and Careers.


Length: 1.5 hours


Center on Community Living and Careers


Audience: This course is designed for Indiana employment consultants and specialists working with job seekers who have disabilities. However, course content is also open to the public

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