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Racial Justice And Mental Health is a Course

Racial Justice And Mental Health



Full course description

Course Introduction

This resource was designed for educators who wish to advance their skills in combating racism and supporting the mental health of students. With the understanding that people enter this resource with diverse personal backgrounds and skill levels, the intent is for all to leave with enhanced knowledge, self-awareness, and capacity to bring about positive change. In the first module, we will walk you through core concepts that underlie this work. In the second module, we focus on self-awareness, highlighting concepts such as identities, implicit bias and cultural humility. In the third module, we pivot to examine the specific context in which you are working (or plan to work if you are a pre-service educator) and how this may impact your approach to antiracism and supporting mental health. Throughout these modules, we provide reflection questions aimed at helping you to develop a personal anti-racism action plan for use moving forward.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the modules, you will be able to:

  • Define key terms underlying racism and mental health, particularly as relates to preK-12 education.
  • Reflect on your personal, social, and professional identities and how these may be impacting your work as an educator.
  • Critically analyze the climate in which you are working as an educator.
  • Identify direct and indirect intervention strategies to combat racism and promote justice.

Meet the Instructor

David Shriberg, PhD, is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and consultant. His work focuses primarily on issues of cultural diversity and social justice. In February 2018, Dr. Shriberg was awarded the "Outstanding Contributions to Training" award by the national organization Trainers of School Psychologists.

A school psychologist by training, Dr. Shriberg has worked successfully with schools, community non-profits, and in the private sector on ways to achieve personal and organizational effectiveness. A Professor of School Psychology at Indiana University and the Editor of Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation, he is the author of seven books and has held several leadership roles.

For more information, contact David Shriberg.


Length: 6 hours


IUB School of Education


Audience: K-12 educators, administrators, and staff

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