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Supercomputing for Everyone - Intro to HPC is a Course

Supercomputing for Everyone - Intro to HPC

Jun 4 - Jan 1, 2020


Full course description

Course Introduction
IU researchers have access to world-class supercomputers and data storage systems. This course will introduce you to understand the operation and knowledge of IU High Performance Computing Systems including Karst, Carbonate, Research Desktop, and Big Red II. You can choose your own path in this course based on your demands

Course Objectives
  1. Determine which of IU's research supercomputing systems meet your needs.
  2. Understand the storage options and related rules at IU.
  3. Learning the basic supercomputers system operations including system connect and file transmission.
  4. Learning how to execute some basic job at supercomputers system including installing software, writing job script, and submitting a batch job.
  5. Practice the skills learn from this course with some real examples.

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