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Subrecipient Monitoring is a Course

Subrecipient Monitoring

Mar 1 - Mar 31, 2019


Full course description

What is this course about?

IU partners with other universities and a variety of companies, social service agencies, and foreign institutions to conduct federal and non-federal projects. Subrecipient Monitoring will review the Federal regulations which dictate IU’s oversight of partners IU provides funds to, our “subrecipients.” There will also be a review of the IU policies, procedures, and forms necessary to ensure Federal regulations are met. Additionally, there will be a discussion on what makes a particular subrecipient high-risk or low-risk and how fiscal officers must monitor each type of subrecipient.  A Subrecipient Invoice Checklist will be presented.  Lastly, this course will also focus on high-risk subrecipient invoice reviews by providing examples of required supporting documentation as well as highlighting potential areas of concern for high-risk subrecipients.


Who should attend this course?

The course is recommended for all Researchers and Staff needing additional guidance.


Are there any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for enrollment in this course.



Course Offered by: Office of Research Administration
Course Locations: Bloomington, Indianapolis
Course Length: 2 hours
Questions:  Questions: Susan Whitt,


Fiscal Officer, Account Delegate, Uniform Guidance, Grants, Contracts, Sponsored Projects, ORA, Awards, Post-Award, Pre-Award, Kuali Coeus, Indianapolis, Bloomington

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