Full course description

What is this course about?

Research Admin 101 - Accessing Research Information will provide an overview on how to access data at IU on sponsored program activity (i.e. proposal, award, and expenditure data). Learn how to leverage tools like My Research Administration (MyRA) and Predefined Queries (PDQ’s) that provide a snapshot of sponsored program activity as well as reporting tools that provide the opportunity to create custom reports (Indiana University Information Environment and Reporting Services). A computer lab will be utilized for this course so that participants can gain hands-on experience in accessing data and running reports.

Who should attend this course?

This course is recommended for all Researchers and Staff needing additional guidance. Those registering for this course should be IU employees with access to the Indiana University Information Environment (IUIE).

Are there any prerequisites?

Access to the IUIE should be obtained prior to participation in the course. Please see the IU Knowledge Base on how to request an IUIE account at https://kb.iu.edu/d/argz..


Course Offered by: Office of Research Administration
Course Locations: Bloomington, Indianapolis
Course Length: 2 hours
Questions:  John Talbott, jtalbott@iu.edu


Fiscal Officer, Account Delegate, Uniform Guidance, Grants, Contracts, Sponsored Projects, ORA, Awards, Post-Award, Pre-Award, Kuali Coeus, Indianapolis, Bloomington