Full course description

What is this course about?

Award Management Best Practices for Fiscal Officers and Delegates will cover the roles and responsibilities of fiscal officers and delegates overseeing the life cycle of an award. There will be discussion topics on the importance of and the steps of managing your accounts as well as who verifies the expenses on an account and when. Individuals will leave with a better understanding of best practices and standards for financial management of their grants.


Who should attend this course?

This course is recommended for all Researchers and Staff needing additional guidance.


Are there any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for enrollment in this course.



Course Offered by: Office of Research Administration
Course Locations: Bloomington, Indianapolis
Course Length: 2 hours
Questions:  Susan Whitt, scwhitt@iu.edu


Fiscal Officer, Account Delegate, Uniform Guidance, Grants, Contracts, Sponsored Projects, ORA, Awards, Post-Award, Pre-Award, Kuali Coeus, Indianapolis, Bloomington