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Return to LARC Training - COVID-19 is a Course

Return to LARC Training - COVID-19

Started May 15, 2020


Full course description

THIS COURSE IS ONLINE ONLYNOTE:Visit to complete the coursework after registering for your class date. Your class date is the deadline to complete the assignments.    

What is this course about?

This is a  10 minute course required for maintaining or regaining access to LARC.  This class will cover important COVID-19 related safety information and standard operating procedures. 

Who should attend this course?

This course is required for research faculty and staff that need access to LARC.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

If new to LARC, you will also need your LARC facility specific training before gaining access to LARC.

Helpful Tips

This class is an online-only class. You must register for the class on Canvas, watch the presentation and pass the quiz (100% required to pass, multiple attempts are allowed) to maintain or regain access to LARC.


Course Offered by: Laboratory Animal Resource Center (LARC), IU School of Medicine
Course Locations: Indianapolis
Course Length: 30 minutes
Questions: or

SOM, LARC, Indianapolis


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