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LARC Rat Manipulation & Techniques Online & In-Person Training



Full course description

Classes are updated frequently.  Check back for updates for classes added to the training schedule. 

LARC Basic Rat Manipulation Online & In-Person Training course


If you're needing to complete this course, register for an available session.  If you have already attended a session and need to attend an additional specific skill training session email your instructor from your first training session to schedule another training.

What is this course about? 

This course has two parts, online and in person training

The online "Part 1" of this course may be taken any time after registration and completed by the date and time of your class registration.   Visit after registering for a class session to complete the required online training.


Part 1 contains an approximately 14-minute presentation describing the techniques and procedural skills of handling mice. Once completed, you will be allowed to attend the in-person training session.

Part 2 is in-person training for the date/time you registered for the class.  Training will focus on specific skill training.

Before attending please ask your PI which skill sets would be most beneficial to your lab as we will cover basic mouse handling and restraint, cage transferring, one and two-handed restraint, subcutaneous injections, intraperitoneal injections, facial (submandibular) venipuncture, and saphenous venipuncture.

The course location is listed as TBA (to be announced), this means that the course location will be announced to registrants by the instructor prior to class time.  An email will be sent out by the instructor the day before class, it is REQUIRED for you to respond with a confirmation that you will still be attending the in-person class.

A University ID is required to attend the course.

Do not bring coats, jackets, or bookbags/purses to the course.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are more then 5 minutes late, you will be required to reschedule!

The course is offered by the Laboratory Animal Resource Center (LARC) within the IU School of Medicine. 

Contact LARC at:

Business Office
Hours of Operation
7:30am - 3:00pm (EDST)
Phone: 317-274-8649 Fax: 317-274-1969

SOM, LARC, Indianapolis



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