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Radiation Safety Course - IUPUI is a Course

Radiation Safety Course - IUPUI

Jan 1 - Jan 1, 2101


Full course description

What is this course?

The Radiation Safety Course is a 4-hour course that covers the fundamental principals of radiation safety.  It will provide a basis for the safe use of radioactive materials in the research and medical environment.  The course is offered three to four times per year to individuals with little to no previous experience in handling radioactive materials.

Who should attend this course?

This is a required course for all new radioactive materials users with no formal radiation safety training and little to no previous experience in handling radioactive materials.  The IUPUI Radiation Safety Office will notify individuals if they are eligible to test out of this course.

Are there any prerequisites?

All new radioactive materials users need to submit an "A-3 Authorization to Use Radioactive Materials" form to the IUPUI Radiation Safety Office before attending this training.  This form can be found on our website.  In addition, all new users will need to attend the IUPUI Radiation Safety Orientation.


Additional information will be offered at the Radiation Safety Course or can be obtained by calling the Radiation Safety Office at 317-274-4797.

Course Offered by:
IUPUI Radiation Safety
Course Locations: Indianapolis
Course Length: 4 hours

EHS, RAD, Indianapolis


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