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Email Security Fundamentals

Started Apr 24, 2017


Full program description

Email Security Fundamentals. Certificate awarded on completion of 5 courses:

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Business Email Compromise
Identifying BEC scams, differentiating between the three main types of BEC scams, and reporting a suspected attack.

Malicious Links
Hyperlinks are the easiest tool that cyber criminals can use to deliver malware—all it takes is the click of a link.

Various forms of malware might spy on your activity, allow attackers remote access to your drives, or take control of your device.

What ransomware is and how it is delivered, ransomware’s effect, minimizing the threat of ransomware, and reporting ransomware attacks.

Spear Phishing
A majority of cyber-intrusion attempts begin with spear phishing emails. These targeted attacks are delivered via malicious links, file attachments, and login forms.