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IUPUI HR Legal Compliance Series is a Program

Full program description

All supervisors are required to attend the university sponsored compliance training series which covers Equal Employment Opportunity, Americans with Disabilities Act, Sexual Misconduct, Family and Medical Leave Act, Worker's Compensation and Fair Labor Standards Act.

Several employee protection laws have been enacted by federal and state legislatures. The university recognizes the need for supervisors to be knowledgeable about these laws in order to:

  • ensure employees all the protections afforded to them under these laws
  • ensure consistent application of these laws across the university
  • promote positive employee relations
  • prevent or limit situations that may put the university at risk.

Consequently, the university has initiated efforts for all supervisors to receive training on legal compliance issues. Many have completed this training. Many still need one or more of the sessions to complete their training. All supervisors are to complete all four sessions and an on-line segment. A certificate of completion will be awarded.

Contact person Carmen Jordan, jordanca@iu,edu