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Wise Leadership: Using Self-Awareness to Inspire (Book Class) is a Course

Wise Leadership: Using Self-Awareness to Inspire (Book Class)

Ended Dec 22, 2017


Full course description

This is a 3 hour class. This is a book class. Book purchase is a requirement for this course.  When you enroll it will ask you for your department billing number.  (The Mindful Leader: 7 Practices for Transforming Your Leadership, Your Organization, and Your Life, by Michael Bunting will be under $16). Our effectiveness as leaders really is dependent upon our level of self-awareness.  How can we reach our full potential when we don’t really know what impact our style, behavior and performance have upon others?

In this workshop, we will take a look at a model (based upon mindfulness) that is intended to guide us toward extraordinary leadership that will inspire our organizations.  We will:

·        Learn some of the research behind self-awareness to help us develop our own awareness.

·        Learn how to manage stress and complex situations with wisdom.

·        Learn to increase our ability to learn, create, and innovate.

·        Discover how to coach others to do the same.

Book class:  The Mindful Leader:7 Practices for Transforming You Leadership, Your Organization and Your Life.  Michael Bunting.

Facilitator: Martie Adler
Offered by IU Human Resources (HR)

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