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Performance Management is a Course

Performance Management

Jul 30 - Dec 21, 2018


Full course description

This is a 3 hour class. Performance management is an ongoing, continuous process of communicating and clarifying job responsibilities, priorities and performance expectations in order to ensure mutual understanding between supervisor and employee. It is a philosophy which values and encourages employee development through a collaborative style of management which provides frequent feedback and fosters open communication.

In this course, participants will learn about a performance management model that is a collaborative, consistent, ongoing, cyclical process. This model will provide the framework and tools to: 
Set Expectations for Clarity
  • Define Performance Standards
  • Document Performance 
  • Set Goals
  • Provide Feedback
  • Evaluate Job Performance
Facilitated by: Chera Finkbiner
 IUHR Organization Development Consultant

Offered by IU Human Resources


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