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The Power of Asking Questions is a Course

The Power of Asking Questions

Apr 29 - Dec 21, 2019


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This is a 3 hour class.  Questions serve a variety of functions…from obtaining information, expressing interest, encouraging comments on the responses to others, and ascertaining attitudes, feelings and opinions.  The art questioning, therefore, lies in knowing what to ask and when to ask it.

Using the architecture of a question hierarchy as a framework, you’ll learn how to pose a more powerful question by moving up this hierarchy.  You’ll also learn how questioning can help you make better choices through improved decision-making in both personal and professional situations, to be more creative when dealing with challenges, to build and improve more meaningful relationships by connecting with others, and to lead in finding the right solutions by knowing what to ask.

Facilitator: Lita M. Pener, Sr. OD Consultant & Regional Campus Lead

IU Staff Core Competencies (Instills Trust, Values Differences, Collaboration, Customer Focus, Accountability)

Sponsored by IU Human Resources

Questions, contact Wendy Cornwell 812-855-9674 or 317-274-5467 


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