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Micro-Inequities is a Course


Ended Dec 22, 2017


Full course description

This is a 3 hour class.  Have you ever felt like you were treated differently, and this difference was not regarded in a positive light?  Many of us could probably answer "yes" at some point in our career. This course is intended to explore our individual responsibility in removing subtle slights, or micro-inequities, in our work environment. The premise of this course addresses how we can raise awareness and implement a thoughtful, respectful, inclusive and productive work environment. Participants will engage in dialogues around various micro-inequity driven topics and be challenged to advocate for a respectful workplace.

·         Explore the impact of micro-inequities in the workplace

·         Outline the keys to eliminating micro-inequities

·         Identify ways to incorporate micro-affirmations

 Facilitator: Lita M. Pener

Intended Audience:  This course is beneficial for all employees. This course encourages self-reflection and behavior changes that support a better environment for all.

Offered by IU Human Resources (HR)

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