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Combating Imposter Syndrome is a Course

Combating Imposter Syndrome

Apr 29 - Dec 21, 2019


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This is a 3 hour class.  Imposter Syndrome is when we convince ourselves our successes are based on luck, timing, or other factors outside of our control, instead of embracing the fact that we're actually responsible for having made those successes happen.  This class will explore imposter syndrome and teach you how to address it head on.  We will discuss some causes of imposter syndrome and explore strategies to overcome self-doubt and other confidence-busting behaviors and to learn to take risks and ownership of your own success. 

Facilitated by: Catherine L. Matthews, J.D., Ph.D.
Senior Consultant, Talent & Organization Development

IU Staff Core Competencies (Accountability, self-awareness)

Questions, contact Wendy Cornwell 812-855-9674 or 317-274-5467

Offered by IU Human Resources


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