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Foundations of Trust is a Course

Foundations of Trust

Ended Apr 29, 2019


Full course description

This is a 3 hour course.  (Revised class content)  Often our coach or mentor talks to us about building trust within our team.  All we have to do is pick up a journal or newspaper and we see what happens when there is an absence of trust.  And, many of us may not know quite where to begin.  in this workshop, we will address the foundational pieces that must be in place before we can begin that effort with our teams.  We will learn:
  • What skills we need to build before beginning with our team.
  • What will be necessary to quickly move us toward trust.
  • Practical steps to take that will be helpful to everyone involved.
Facilitator:  Martie Adler
Associate Director, Talent & Organization Development
Certified Professional Coach 

Questions, contact Wendy Cornwell at 812-855-9674 or 317-274-5467.  

Offered by IU Human Resources


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