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Embracing Diversity in its many shapes (Psychogeometrics) is a Course

Embracing Diversity in its many shapes (Psychogeometrics)

Apr 29 - Dec 21, 2019


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This session is 3 hours.  Using the PsychoGeometrics assessment, participants will self-evaluate and challenge their ability to empathize, communicate, and build relationships with co-workers.  Within our organizations and departments, there are a variety of temperament and personality styles and the more we can recognize them, the easier it will be to be an effective and collaborative part of the team.  Learning what engages each of us also makes our jobs more enjoyable.

In this session, participants will:

  • Discover factors in the workplace that contribute to effectiveness;
  • Recognize behavioral preferences among  five different personality types;
  • Identify areas for professional and personal improvement; and
  • Create action plans to encourage diversity and inclusion.
Facilitator:  Martie Adler, 
Associate Director, Talent & Organization Development
Certified Professional Coach 

Questions, contact Wendy Cornwell at 812-855-9674 or 317-274-5467.  

IU Staff Core Competencies: (Values Differences, Customer Focus)

Offered by IU Human Resources (HR)


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