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Cross-Cultural Intelligence is a Course

Cross-Cultural Intelligence

Jul 30 - Dec 21, 2018


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This is a 3 hour class.  This class focuses on creating awareness of cultural issues and deeper understanding of how to approach different cultures.   

If you have ever found yourself working with an international student, or even a domestic student from a very different background, you’ve probably experienced one or more of the following:

  • A lack of connection with the student – not being sure if they really understand;
  • Different expectations of what you can and cannot do for them;
  • Perhaps a feeling that a student is demanding when they should be asking;
  • Having to say “no” 5 or 6 times to the same question;
  • A sense of curiosity about a student’s culture and background;
  • A lack of eye contact, a handshake not returned, or a series of indirect questions

If this is resonating with you, make the time to attend this workshop! We’ll provide you with the ability to recognize when a behavior might be culturally based, what the root of that behavior might be, how to cope or respond to it, and even give you some basic foreign name pronunciation skills. This workshop will be interactive – bring your stories, and come prepared to work through some small group scenarios. And…while our ability to navigate inter-culturally is indeed a key professional tool, we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously in the process. We’ll share our cultural guffaws if you share yours!

Facilitator: Dom Potorti

Offered by IU Human Resources (HR)


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