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Embracing a Culture of Respect is a Course

Embracing a Culture of Respect



Full course description

Course Introduction

This course is designed to provide you with tools, resources, and knowledge to effectively support a respectful environment and ensure that students, faculty, staff, and other IU community members feel a sense of belonging and support.  

Module Topics Include

  • Embracing a Respectful Culture
  • Unconscious Bias and Micro-Behaviors
  • De-escalation and Defusing Tensions
  • Reporting and Getting Help from a Supervisor

Learning Outcomes

After completing the modules, you will be able to:

  • Identify key aspects of a respectful environment
  • Define how you can help support a respectful environment
  • Define unconscious bias and micro-behaviors
  • Identify your unconscious bias 
  • Develop a plan addressing your unconscious bias 
  • Reflect on stress triggers 
  • Explain de-escalation practices 
  • State reporting practices for when a student has experienced racial (and all forms of) disparate treatment



Length: ~1.5 hours


IU Human Resources


Credit: Certificate


Audience: IU Bloomington employees

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