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New Employee Compliance Orientation (NECO) for the Health Sciences is a Course

New Employee Compliance Orientation (NECO) for the Health Sciences

Aug 20 - Jan 1, 2021


Full course description

Consistent with the Health Sciences Compliance Plan, all new employees shall obtain compliance orientation training no later than 90 days from the first day of their employment. Any exceptions to this time frame shall be approved by the University Compliance Office. For purposes of the plan, employees include all faculty, staff, and trainees of the schools that fall under University Clinical Affairs, comprised of the Schools of Dentistry, Health and Human Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Optometry, Public Health (Bloomington and Indianapolis) and Social Work.

Attendees of NECO will gain an understanding of their obligations for compliance and will be provided with the resources needed to obtain additional information on compliance matters or report issues. 

On a monthly basis, the University Compliance Office provides NECO for the health sciences. NECO is an in-person offering, but video streaming is available for schools outside of the Indianapolis campus. #iptraining

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