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Critical Data in KFS 2018-19 is a Course

Critical Data in KFS 2018-19

Jul 1 - Jan 1, 2021


Full course description

This training is designed to introduce learners to the definition of ‘critical data’ at IU, examples of critical data, where critical data does and does not belong in KFS, how to find resources that explain how to redact critical data from documents, and the consequences of entering critical data in an unsecured field in KFS. Find more information about this training, including answers to frequently asked questions, on the Financial Management Services website.

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  1. Click “Enroll”
  2. Login to Expand if you have not already done so. (You should use your IU credentials to login.)
  3. Click “Enroll in Course”
  4. Select “Go to Your Dashboard”
  5. Locate the proper course under “In Progress” then select “Begin Course"

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