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Digital Education Hub Educator Onboarding Course is a Course

Digital Education Hub Educator Onboarding Course

Feb 9, 2021 - Jan 21, 2024
9 credits


Full course description

Course Introduction

This is the introductory course for creating education tools for the Digital Education Hub. Educators who complete the entirety of the module will be able to create content (i.e. lesson plans and tutorials) to be published on the Digital Education Hub site for other educators across the state of Indiana to use in facilitating digital education K-12.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the modules, you will be able to:

  • Understand what an essential question is in relation to learning objectives, and what types of essential questions support equitable and inclusive learning with technology
  • Analyze lesson plans using the culturally relevant pedagogical (CRP) and universal design for learning (UDL) frameworks
  • Apply the understandings in this module to create an essential question, learning objectives, and explain rationale based on CRP & UDL
  • Interpret and summarize the three tenets of CRP and describe how they can be used as a framework for equitable teaching
  • Identify the different ways that teachers can operationalize academic success
  • Explore your own cultural identity and begin to reflect on its impact on your teaching
  • Investigate the idea of critical consciousness and consider the role it plays in teaching
  • Interpret and summarize the three Universal Design for Learning principles in relation to ways to keep the student engaged in their learning in different learning environments
  • Integrate UDL principles into activities related to the ways that students learn, engage, and show their understandings.
  • Assess the use of UDL principles in different learning environments.

Module Topics Include

  • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Instructional Design

About the Digital Education Hub

The Digital Education Hub (DEH) is a comprehensive directory of Education, Resources, and Networking tools and opportunities for educators, community stakeholders, and caregivers.

The Digital Education Hub seeks to meet the challenge of remote learning in context and community, grounded in the principles of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Universal Design for Learning, the Indiana University School of Education-Indianapolis at IUPUI proposes the Digital Education Hub (DEH) for Rigorous Remote Learning with Communities. ​


Length: 9 hours


Digital Education Hub, Urban Teacher Education, IU School of Education-IUPUI


Credit: 9 Professional Growth Plan Hours


Audience: Teachers and Educators

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