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Elementary Pashto 101


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Full course description

NOTE: This training is currently closed for enrollment while the course undergoes a review/update. Please check back later to enroll

Course Introduction

This course provides beginning Pashto learners with a wide selection of materials and task-oriented, communicative activities that facilitate the development of speaking, listening, reading, and writing in Pashto. Because the course is designed for beginners, it does not presume any previous knowledge of written or spoken Pashto.

Course Goals

The aim of this course is to provide students with an introductory high to intermediate low knowledge of the Pashto language, as it is spoken and written today in Afghanistan as well as the culture of the Afghans. The spoken language of educated native speakers, as well as the contemporary literary language as reflected in the media, will be emphasized throughout.

Module Topics Include

  • Getting Started
  • Module 1: An Introduction to Pashto
  • Module 2: Introducing Yourself to Others
  • Module 3: Place of Residency
  • Module 4: Daily Routine

We are here to help

Should you have any questions or technical difficulties, please reach out to Sukhrob Karimov, our Senior Application Developer, or Rahman Arman, our Senior Pashto Language Instructor. 


Rahman Arman


 Sukhrob R Karimov

Rahman Arman, MD
Senior Lecturer,
Afghan Languages Developer 
(812) 856-0935


Sukhrob Karimov, MPA
Application Developer,
Online Instructional Developer
(812) 856-1100


Length: 40 hours


Center for Languages of the Central Asian Region


Credit: Certificate of completion


Audience: Everyone