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II. Multimodal Theory: Don't Play the Butter Notes



Full course description

Part II Introduction

This course is the second of a three-course program for a microcredential.

I. Theorizing Other Ways of Knowing

II. Multimodal Theory: Don't Play the Butter Notes

III. Creating Multimodal Texts: Production Stages

Supporting the Success of All Students: Schwab's Commonplaces helps you, the teacher, recognize that you are a part of the process of learning and teaching, informed by your knowledge, competency, and biases; recognizing that your students are not extensions of you, but cultural beings like you, will help you lay the groundwork for academic achievement of all of your students.

Building Cultural Competency: Understanding Schwab's Commonplaces will help you see the ways in which contexts, communities, and identities (the milieu) play into what happens in the classroom, motivating a process of further inquiry by you, the teacher, into the cultural ways and lives of your students, and to help you make decisions about materials and curriculum.

Raising Critical Consciousness: Schwab's commonplaces draws attention to the fact that aspects of the educational system weighs heavier than others, that standards and test scores outweigh individual students, their cultures, and their communities, necessitating an intentional effort to break down these systems.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the modules, you will be able to:

  • Critically look beyond the most obvious meaning in a text.  
  • Stylize multimodal texts from their particular social and cultural locations. 
  • Synthesize the ways in which culture and language influences multimodal design. 
  • Develop a working definition of social and cultural locations. 
  • Identify digital literacy as a set culturally informed social cultural practice. 
  • Assess the use of the criticality"" in a teaching multimodal text activity. 

Module Topics Include

  • Supporting the Success of All Students
  • Building Cultural Competency
  • Raising Critical  Consciousness

About the Digital Education Hub

The Digital Education Hub seeks to meet the challenge of remote learning in context and community, grounded in the principles of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Universal Design for Learning, the Indiana University School of Education-Indianapolis at IUPUI proposes the Digital Education Hub (DEH) for Rigorous Remote Learning with Communities..


Length: 6 weeks


Digital Education Hub, IU School of Education


Credit: Microcredential upon completion of 3 courses


Audience: K-12 Educators

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