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Breaking It All Down to Build Something Good is a Course

Breaking It All Down to Build Something Good

Ends Jul 31, 2028


Full course description

This course helps you to break down the ways in which classrooms and communities relate so that you, as an educator, can make a difference and promote equitable and inclusive learning. You will be introduced to activity theory as a way to pull apart the relationships between classrooms and communities, providing you with lenses and tools for engaging community contexts in your teaching. This course is a part of the Classroom in Context microcredential through the Digital Education Hub.

In order to guide your exploration, this Interactive Learning Module has three learning objectives. Participants in this module will be able to:

  1. Summarize activity theory in the context of classroom-community relationships;
  2. Categorize educational practices and strategies according to activity theory.
  3. Formulate strategies for leveraging activity theory in classroom-community relationships to facilitate equitable and inclusive learning.

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