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woman looking over mountains Wayfinding for College Success is a Course

Wayfinding for College Success

Ended Feb 1, 2022

Full course description

First-year students often enter college with limited understanding of the policies and procedures that guide their journey. For example, they may not understand how academic advising differs from school counseling in high school, what credit hours are and how GPA is calculated, and how academic course requirements work for general education or majors. In addition, they have limited knowledge of how to self-navigate through their program from semester to semester, including when and how to withdraw from courses and how to register for future terms. Lack of familiarity with this "hidden curriculum" of college can lead to student struggle as their decisions can reflect limited understanding of the college environment.

This series of modules is designed to help students understand these aspects of college. Each ends with an assignment that students can complete to apply the knowledge they gain from the module.