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2022-2023 IU East Graduate Student Orientation is a Course

2022-2023 IU East Graduate Student Orientation

Time limit: 1 day


Full course description

Course description 

Welcome to the online Orientation for Graduate Students. If you are a new student to IU East, we are excited that you joined us. If you continue your studies this year with us, we are proud to see you grow and develop your skills and knowledge.

We advise that students new to graduate studies or new to IU East go through the course any time before their first semester at IU East. We anticipate that the course will take between two to four hours to complete. Continuing students can review the modules any time and in any order. 

This orientation course has important objectives for you. As you participate in this course, you will:  

      1. Review expectations for graduate studies
      2. Learn about resources available to graduate students 
      3. Reflect on your needs and opportunities as a graduate student

How this orientation works

The Canvas site is set up as a self-paced course. All materials are organized in modules by topics, such as graduate level learning, research, technology, finances, and others. Each module opens with an overview page that summarizes the module contents, a few  pages with information, and the actions you may be asked to take. Please note that this program functions best using Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers. Images may not load properly if you are using Safari.

The course will take between 2 to 4 hours to complete. You will earn no academic credit. 

As you are working through this orientation, please:

      • Read through all the content and watch all videos
      • Follow the instructions for completing the activities
      • Take note of any questions that you still have
      • Confirm that you have completed the course and provide feedback

"Ask me anything" sessions

Before the Fall semester begins, the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Natalia Rybas, will offer a few synchronous "Ask me anything" on: Wednesday Aug 10 at 6-7pm and Monday Aug 15 at 9-10am. If you are available, join during one of the sessions to introduce yourself and to share your questions about the campus and graduate studies at IU East.  The Zoom information will be shared via announcements.

Course creators and support

The course was created by Dr. Natalia Rybas, Director of Graduate Studies at IU East and Professor of Communication Studies. Graduate Affairs Council provided support and feedback for the course. 

If you experience any technical difficulties or have any questions while working through the modules, please contact Dr. Natalia Rybas, Director of Graduate Programs at IU East by email or using the Inbox in Canvas.  

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